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Wild Fantasy TCG

Clamp one this time, yeah I'm really weak

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5" x 7" TCG Decks

Home of 5" x 7" cards and logs

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Katie is currently at McDonalds warming up slowly. Her house is approximately 53 degrees (11-12 Celsius) inside and getting colder.

Outside her house looks like: picture of a ton of snowCollapse )

And the power has been out for over 24 hours. She is not happy.

Power hopefully back in a day or so.

Plus side: Katie wrote over 6.5k words this weekend and has finished her novel draft. Minus side, it is very cold in her house and she still has to go to work tomorrow. McDonalds food is very yummy after 2 days of coldish dinner.

Things I actually want for Christmas

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Internet friends: Please don't buy me something and then make me feel all guilty. ILU all <3

Whining about SG:U

This is long and has a few spoilers:

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Oct. 15th, 2009

Do I lack poetry, or is the simplicity more elegant?

How can something that feels so much like a hack bring such good feelings?

Katie is a memewhore


So I worked all day and it was exhausting but thankfully it's money, which I need badly. The lack of full time job has really been wearing on me and at the same time my writing ability has basically dropped to zero which makes me incredibly morose. I wish I could find that perfect balance but I know I'm not going to find that downtown, I need something in my suburbs. A 1 hour commute is too much!

Labor Day Fail

Well ... Damn.

So as some people might know I was sick as a dog yesterday and felt like complete and utter fail, but, that's ok because I was going to go to IHOP and eat delicious shrimps for dinner, only to be t-boned by a car when getting onto the highway. Doh. I'm fine, my neck hurts just a little and I'll see if it's really hurt or just a little shocked probably tomorrow.

WTF! And I haven't even gotten Layton yet.


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Job interview tomorrow! It's temp to hire too so I might actually get a full time job!

Gender Fail and Mass Effect

So ... I don't usually bother to get worked up about what I perceive to be 'fail' on the topic of gender, race, orientation or anything else. I try to let it roll of my back and consider it the cost of doing business in the world. That's not to say that I passively accept it and don't complain so much as I don't get *irrationally angry*.

I'm not irrationally angry, I'm not even really angry, but damn I'm just so disappointed right now.

So ... Mass Effect. If you're on my flist you might be familiar with it. I enjoyed playing the first installment very much, it is, in fact, the game that made me purchase and xbox 360. I had *no other reason* to purchase the hardware. In effect, that game cost me like $350 dollars because I wanted to play it *so badly* that I was willing to plunk down hundreds of dollars to play it.

Anyway. Those little XBox Life 'Mii things' apparently are getting custom skins that get sold for obscene amounts of Live Points. I wasn't going to buy them anyway, it sounds like a waste, but ... They released the 'N7 armor' you know, that armor Sheppard is wearing in every promotional material ever, as a Avatar skin and wow, isn't that at least a little cool? But no, it was released only for male avatars, not females. Ashley's pink armor that *she* wears in all the promo materials was also released, for males and females. What the fuck?

I figured, hey, maybe it was a mistake, it happens, Bioware and EA have been fail at rolling out their content this week it's like dumb and dumber week. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt if it comes out for the ladies in the next 24 hours with a 'heh, our bad'. What just hammers it home as so much worse is you go look at the Mass Effect Forums thread the response to the relatively mild, but entirely justified anger is "well you can make your avatar male and give it a female head" or "well, having it for ladies would be nice but that's just for diversity" to "what's the big deal it's a waste of money anyway" and that just made me so ... upset.

Not two weeks ago the girls over at masseffect a community I created and recently handed over modding duties on, were talking about how they loved this space because it was a nice female space where they could squee over male characters, talk about slash or just talk about things without having to have a male say 'hey your opinion is stupid', and ... just wow.

I know to a certain extend, Bioware can't change what sort of knuckle heads play their games and come to the forum, but it doesn't help when the official party line is 'oh whatever' for the most part. I'm sick of it.

Stop gender failing just because your game has guns in it!

HMD Meme

The How's My Driving? Meme

Be nice... I know I only just got off hiatus.



Spoilers through Chapter 11:

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Stolen meme

Everyone has a character they feel connected to, whether it be in a book, movie, show or video game. But how do others perceive you? Have your f-list tell you a character they see you as, and maybe even explain why.




Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.


I stayed up until almost 4am watching Beyond Good and Evil again on Youtube. I played it a million years ago when it first came out and it was just as good all over again. I forgot how little meat there is right on the end of the plot, though. No spoilers, but the secrets and mysteries never really get unraveled enough for my tastes. It was clearly designed for a sequel that didn't materialize in a timely fashion.

Also I need Jade and Double H icons now ... they are cute and I want them and I have like 50 icons and am only using like 20~

Additionally. SMT: Devil Survivor is on its way here (screw you Ten) and I should have it around the beginning of next week.

Still no movement on any jobs. Sigh.

The How's My Driving? Meme

Additionally, because I'm a whore, I'll take love for Joseph Falls as well .... /whores.